These images are generated by  waves.exe  to be run under DOS/WINDOWS operating system. It is a by product of work made on quasicrystals [1,2] .  The images are generated adding waves, applying mappings on them and manipulating their colors. The user interface is elemental and simple and requires a proper graphic card. You can unzip the file in a directory, read the instructions in README.TXT file and execute WAVES.EXE.  In the case that it works, congratulations and have fun!

    It is also possible to run WAVES.EXE under Linux with the DOS emulator DOSBox. It works always fine in this way.

[1]  "Geometric models for continuous transitions from quasicrystals to crystals" M. Torres, G. Pastor, I. Jimenez and J. Fayos. Phil. Mag. Letters 1989, vol. 59 n. 4, 181-188

[2] "From the decagonal phase to a related crystalline one" M. Torres, G. Pastor and I. Jimenez. Phil. Mag. Letters, 1990 vol. 61 n. 6, 319-325